Corpers' Lodge

For the Love of Meat

So it was Enyi’s turn to cook yesterday. She wanted to boil yam but I wanted to eat spaghetti, so she did as I asked. Like many of the TP (Teaching Practice) students and other staff, she chose not to eat, saving enough space to load the food that was going to be shared in… Continue reading For the Love of Meat


Tales Under The Sun

  ... The two lovers visited the same hair salon. One was the wife, and the other was the girlfriend. And in that salon were whispers. About the wife. And how her husband treated her. Starved her of money and of conjugation. No one knew the girlfriend was there. For to them, she was just… Continue reading Tales Under The Sun


How My Village People Killed Me Three Times!

Some days, you wake up singing Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song. Other days, you are set for the day, ready for whatever life throws your way… James Bond mood activated. On some other luckless days, your village people are on your case like desperate attorneys, they would plan coup to dethrone you from your life. Yesterday… Continue reading How My Village People Killed Me Three Times!