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How My NYSC Passing Out Really Went Down

Hello people. Its been awhile hasn't it? I am so sorry that I have not been able to update you guys on how everything happened on the day I passed out. Life has been so hazy lately and I've not been myself, even though I try so hard to make it look like everything is… Continue reading How My NYSC Passing Out Really Went Down


I am Passing Out Next Week

I'm really passing out next week. It was supposed to be 23rd but for some reason it's coming earlier. I'm like, when did I start sef? How did one year fly so fast? Two days ago, I was at Keffi for the finale of the Job Awareness and Creation (JAC) week that began on 28th… Continue reading I am Passing Out Next Week

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5 Things no Corper Should Spend Their Allawee on

Since my undergrad days when I went days without even #5 to use and buy pure water (because the water the school provided was liquid disease), I haven't had a day as frustrating as today. Two reasons. Let me tell you. Firstly, today is my CDS day, the only day I am permitted by law… Continue reading 5 Things no Corper Should Spend Their Allawee on

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My NYSC Experience: Azaya (10)

We left Gembu around 7.30am for the six hour journey to Jalingo. The journey was uneventful and not as scary as when I first came up. After the first time, you pretty much get used to the terrain of that area. It was still beautiful to watch though, but not scary anymore. We got to… Continue reading My NYSC Experience: Azaya (10)

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My Confidence Starter Pack

Have you ever been in a place full of intelligent, beautiful/handsome and confident people who all know each other, with you being the only stranger? No? Yes? Today I attended CDS (Community Development Service) here for the first time. I gave a full description of the kind of Corps members here in this post. It… Continue reading My Confidence Starter Pack

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Reasons I Wish I Wasn’t Serving

My boyfriend has been fighting with me. I even think we've broken up. I'll tell you as soon as I'm sure. 2) I'm so broke I have to fart in my purse to get a cent. Don’t ask me about monthly allowee, that money vanishes like blood money. 3) I experienced my first robbery where… Continue reading Reasons I Wish I Wasn’t Serving