When My Facebook Page was My Blog

I started blogging in 2016, a few months before I finished school. It was my last semester and we were in the last weeks before the final exams. I had a laptop and that was what I used to begin blogging. My phone was a miserable Blackberry torch2. I call it miserable because I couldn't… Continue reading When My Facebook Page was My Blog


Salary: Dead on Arrival!

By Sunday, I would have been working for a month. Sigh. The first two weeks were slow. One day felt like two days and so two weeks seemed like a whole month. The third week, however, ran like a cheetah and before I knew it, it was Monday of the fourth week. What this means… Continue reading Salary: Dead on Arrival!

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How I Landed a Temporary Teaching Job (Part 2)

Read part one of this post here Even though I had absolutely messed up the interview process, the following day I received a call from them. Talk about a miracle! Again, they had sent me a message (which I did not receive) and the second stage of the interview (which I had qualified for, surprise-surprise)… Continue reading How I Landed a Temporary Teaching Job (Part 2)