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How My NYSC Passing Out Really Went Down

Hello people. Its been awhile hasn't it? I am so sorry that I have not been able to update you guys on how everything happened on the day I passed out. Life has been so hazy lately and I've not been myself, even though I try so hard to make it look like everything is… Continue reading How My NYSC Passing Out Really Went Down

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My NYSC Experience: Azaya (10)

We left Gembu around 7.30am for the six hour journey to Jalingo. The journey was uneventful and not as scary as when I first came up. After the first time, you pretty much get used to the terrain of that area. It was still beautiful to watch though, but not scary anymore. We got to… Continue reading My NYSC Experience: Azaya (10)

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I Hate Being Sick

For days, I've been silent. No post, comments or likes. I hope I did break many hearts 💕? 😀 Well, I finally did all the necessary documentation and I'm back home again. I came back on Wednesday. The journey back home was terrible. About an hour and thirty minutes into the journey, our car broke… Continue reading I Hate Being Sick