Throwback: The Toughest Exam I Ever Wrote!

I remember an exam I had once written back then in school. It was the toughest! In the end, I packed my things up and made for the front of the lecture theatre where I submitted my answer booklet. I walked out. It was hot but I felt a cold shiver travel through me. I… Continue reading Throwback: The Toughest Exam I Ever Wrote!

Corpers' Lodge

My NYSC Experience: Azaya (10)

We left Gembu around 7.30am for the six hour journey to Jalingo. The journey was uneventful and not as scary as when I first came up. After the first time, you pretty much get used to the terrain of that area. It was still beautiful to watch though, but not scary anymore. We got to… Continue reading My NYSC Experience: Azaya (10)