1. I am a Nigerian graduate, fresh out of the oven.

2. I look at all the white shirts and shorts I got for 3 weeks NYSC camp and cry at the waste of money. I’m so broke these days.

3. This blog is where I feel the most confident in the world.

4. My love for black monotone is second to none!

5. I believe that the allawee that corpers receive every month is blood money, because it behaves that way. Check this post.

6. I dislike norms. Like, if you tell me to write or blog or dress in a particular way because that’s what others do, I probably will not.

7. I like to record my conversations and listen to them… Just for fun.

8. I am a child of darkness. Bright places, especially at night, affect me.

9. I have never tasted pizza or Cold Stone ice cream. I am not an ajebutter, sadly.

10. If I had an opportunity to leave Naija, I might never come back.

11. I like to walk into sprayed air freshener.

12. I prefer using wrappers to bathe as opposed to towels.

13. I hate heat. Cold situations are more controllable

14. I don’t like tea. If I absolutely have to take tea, it must be made with ice-cold water. That way, I feel like I’m taking chocolate juice.

15. I am a huge fan of sarcasm.

16. I think Bobrisky is really pretty (or handsome).

17. I am a girl.

16. Currently in search of a job… Anything will do.

Finally, contrary to popular opinion, I am not an anonymous blogger.

I am just The Blogger Who Forgot to Say Her Name!