Throwback: The Toughest Exam I Ever Wrote!

I remember an exam I had once written back then in school. It was the toughest! In the end, I packed my things up and made for the front of the lecture theatre where I submitted my answer booklet. I walked out. It was hot but I felt a cold shiver travel through me. I can not have a carry~over, I thought in my head.

Once outside, I walked over to one of my course mates. She was laughing.
‘How far,’ I greeted.
She laughed still and said, ‘Do you want to know why I am laughing? It’s because I know I will carry this course over.’

I looked at her with eyes full of understanding. I could relate to how she felt at that time. For a moment I wished I could boldly make that confession too but I cautioned myself not to. There is power in the tongue, I remembered. So instead, I slowly walked away reminding myself, ‘You have done your best, leave the rest to God!’

Lol. I passed that course, sha. Thank God! But I have always been of the opinion that exams are not the best test of knowledge. If anything, it makes people read to pass, not to learn. Practical exams are way better. My opinion, though.

Did you ever write an exam this demoralizing? I’d like to hear about it in the comments section, please.


4 thoughts on “Throwback: The Toughest Exam I Ever Wrote!”

  1. Oh yes! I remember each and every paper like that. I would always come out of the exam hall and say, ‘Lord, I did my part. The rest is over to you.’ lol! Like you said, there is power in the tongue. 🙂

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