See This Romantic Love Letter From a JSS 1 Boy

Yesterday, one of the male teachers brought this to the staff room. Some JSS 1 boy had written this to his crush who is a classmate of his.

Apparently, he had anonymously written a letter to her before. On receiving it, she had reported it to their teachers and she had searched every boy’s bag in class, comparing their handwriting to the letter’s hoping to catch the lover-boy.

He was not caught!

To be honest, I blushed when this letter was read. Because his love is pure and unshakable, even by her obvious displeasure at the situation.
I would give anything to have someone who really loves me enough to write me a letter o!


21 thoughts on “See This Romantic Love Letter From a JSS 1 Boy”

      1. Lol. Continue saying your own publicly o!😏

        While I secretly say my own “awwwn” because I DO NOT ENCOURAGE PRE-TEENAGE LOVE publicly.πŸ˜‰

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  1. Oh, this brought back memories! I was often the one given notes to pass to my really hot friend and I often wished I would get one for myself. it never happened! πŸ™‚

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  2. I used to have this guy.. Always sending me this kinda letters.. He was the class captain so my name never made it to the noise makers list… We had planned to go to thesame high school after primary 5 but mehn I failed the School’s exam while he got the admission… The rest is history!

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