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Why Matchmaking is the 51st Shade of ‘Don’t!’

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a match, Find me a find, catch me a catch Matchmaker, Matchmaker Look through your book, And make me a perfect match --Fiddler on the Roof Kenard is my boyfriend's (I need to find another name to call him. Saying 'my boyfriend' all the time is too one kind. How about… Continue reading Why Matchmaking is the 51st Shade of ‘Don’t!’

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An Angel’s Shade of Love

Here in Africa, some shades of love have a peculiar meaning. Within a tribe. They dated. And. They married. These two from Eastern Africa. They loved each other. And. Respected each other. So they respected culture and tradition to the extent that they eschewed pre-marital sex. And. On their wedding night, she was bathed and… Continue reading An Angel’s Shade of Love


See This Romantic Love Letter From a JSS 1 Boy

Yesterday, one of the male teachers brought this to the staff room. Some JSS 1 boy had written this to his crush who is a classmate of his. Apparently, he had anonymously written a letter to her before. On receiving it, she had reported it to their teachers and she had searched every boy's bag… Continue reading See This Romantic Love Letter From a JSS 1 Boy

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5 Things You Do Not Want to Know About Valentine’s Day

1. Studies show that Valentine's Day records the highest rate of suicide. Valentine comes with a lot of expectations from the single and the dating alike. The expectations of the single revolves around the hope that somehow, cupid would perform some magic and they would have someone with whom to spend the day. The dawn… Continue reading 5 Things You Do Not Want to Know About Valentine’s Day


DIY: How to Sheat that Strong Shit!

If you are like me, then you're one of those people who do not find it necessary to drink water while eating until you're done; and only if you remember. May I ask, why do we even do that? Because the consequences involve slow digestion, bloating, constipation and in the long-run, strong shit. Really strong… Continue reading DIY: How to Sheat that Strong Shit!

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NYSC Experience: Azaya (9)

I sincerely apologize for the Break in transmission of this series. Enjoy! SETTLING DOWN. The worst thing you can do in Gembu, during November/December, is to sleep alone. The temperature at the period we arrived was around 9-11 degrees Celsius. It was so cold, that we had to wear triple layers of thick clothes and… Continue reading NYSC Experience: Azaya (9)